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Live Release - for the Wild Atlantic Salmon

Live Release contributes to increasing spawning success and the health of future runs of wild Atlantic salmon. This video offers anglers the opportunity to watch good live release technique and offers clear advice in a variety of situations - all photographed on a magical salmon river. ASF, FQSA and the Quebec Government partnered to produce it.

(Video Credit: Atlantic Salmon Federation)

Drone Tour over the MacDonald Pool

Aerial overview of the Saint John River and McDonald Pool near Gaspe, Quebec, Canada. Special thanks to Randy Marusyk.

Fish On at Lady Gray

Quite the battle on the Saint John River.

Visiting the Home Pool

Here's a quick view of the Home Pool.

Rough Water, Curtis and environs

Drone view of different places on the Saint John.

The Lower Pools both ways from Shanty

Drone views of the pools where magic happens.

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